Holy Bible: King James Version

Holy Bible: King James Version - Anonymous I am going to TRY to read this. Last time I only got through to the Third Book of Moses, which is the "Leviticus". I will most probably review this on the way. It's the Holy Bible, after all..

1.This I noticed every time I read the book, and my religion teacher at school does not want to explain it to me. Genesis: if Adam and Eve were the first people in this World, and they had two sons, Cain and Abel, and then two lines later it says Cain had a wife and she bore sons for him... Is it just me or is this incest? The only woman alive was Eva. Yuck, and this is just the first few pages. UPDATE: after a later discussion with a friend of mine who has more knowledge than I do on these things he confirmed that it's either Adam and Eve had more than two children or after being baned from Eden, they found, or there already were or God created more people. Also, he said that I shouldn't take everything in the Bible at face value because it's just a collection of stories. Yes, my friend. A bad collection of stories that shaped our know Universe and most of white humankind. Thank you, for that.

2. Lot's two daughters just decided to get him drunk and sleep with him. Incest nr2. Why isn't this classified as bad pornography?