La princesse noire

La princesse noire - Serge Brussolo More like 3.5 stars, but then I didn't really really like, I just sorta, kinda, somehow liked it. If you know what I mean. *giggles*

Actually this was a pretty entertaining read. Started because I just didn't have the guts to open my Economy notebook and learn, it got addictive pretty fast and I stayed up until almost 3 am to finish it. Adrenaline much?

It's one thing to write horror novels that scare you because somehow, a monster lurks in the background and you know at one point it's going to pop out and the last thing it will do is say "hi". One of the writers that does that is John Saul, for example. You just know, somewhere out there, on the fields of his imaginary story, there is a monster. There isn't much building up, you are not treated with contradictory opinions, it's something the author gives you from the first page.

Now. An author that doesn't do that is Stephen King. He's not about that monster that can pop out. Stephen King is all about building up and giving you shivers whenever he inserts a small, apparently unimportant detail that makes you think "whatwhatwhatwhatwhat???".

Serge Brussolo is more on the Stephen King side. He's not Stephen King (there's only one and he is a God), but he is a very good writer and he has his stories planned out well. His creepy moments are all that they have to be and the main character, Inga, is depicted at her best when Brussolo writes down her thoughts. I'm always picky at how an author writes thoughts of a person; I find they must be perfectly balanced with how that human is. Many people make a mess of a character's head and you can't understand anything afterwards.

So, in the end, a thrilling read, and surely a nice way to spend your midnight hours!