The Sex Files

The Sex Files - Jasminka Petrovic I was eleven or twelve when I was bought this book and I already knew what the "fuss" was about with sexual relationships and all that, but my sister nonetheless decided I should have this book also. And she wasn't wrong. I laughed so hard reading this, you cannot imagine the sense of humor the people that wrote this book have!

Still, it's a book you probably read as a child, if your parents are comfortable enough with you gnawing on a book like this, basically a graphic novel that explains all that sex is and does it in a very simple way, so that a kid could understand it.

A few days ago, some of my friends that are way older than me saw this book in my house and they laughed so hard at it, because they saw the same things that I did: it's trying to explain something you won't understand until you won't be doing it.

Great fun!