Heart to heart

Heart To Heart (The Art  Of Communication) - Nancy Van Pelt This book has brought me to my most furious point at precisely page 28. This is a book I'll never touch again or even think to talk about it with others, except maybe to say : "STAY AWAY!".

Look, I'm not against knowing facts about men and women, about marriage or about the values a man must have. I think it is a necessity to know the people around you, to not be an idealistic who thinks things will just solve themselves, and I think a human being has the obligation to think about these things and to think them THOROUGHLY before acting on behalf of anything.

But this book is a load of bullshit.

It lost me when the author said that a young has three big decisions to make in life : 1) the place that God and religion have in his/her life, 2) what profession will he choose and 3) who is he/she going to marry. Developing this, Nancy van Pelt said at the first point that if you grew up with values taught by God, your life will probably revolve around him and IF NOT, and you were raised by HYPOCRITE parents, your life will be around bad values and things will not turn out well for you.

Say what?!

Does she mean that I cannot have socially acceptable moral values, or even more, human values if I don't follow the ones given by God. Hold on. I don't get it. I was raised in a way that involved God in such small amounts that I haven't even given the proper attention to this subject, but I have my values. I was raised to believe in honesty, love, caring, respect, compassion. I was raised to be decent and calm, to not lose my temper, to not repay bad things with other bad things, to trust people and to carefully pick my friends.

Now tell me, where does God fit in the picture? These are NORMAL values any HUMAN should have, and believing or not in God or fearing him or not does not make the least bit of difference. It is up to you, as a human being to have these values and to preach them to your children, not LET GOD PREACH THEM FOR YOU!

Ugh, I am so annoyed! I don't even know why I spend so much time on a review on a book of this type, but I just feel like I have to say something.

If some liked it, I don't have a problem with that. It is, again, a choice. But for me, this is a thing I'll never touch again.