And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie i solved the mistery half way through by pure accident, because i made a couple of suppositions and waited for one of them to follow through. i'm usually not able to do that and i suck at unraveling mysteries before they're near the end - i got so lucky! of course i didn't realize the full scale of it, but i strongly suspected the right one, the character who was behind it.

written in typical christie fashion, it builds up a level of suspense that as a reader, you can never get enough of, and you frantically turn the pages to find out not who was really the killer - but if you were right. and, when you reach the end, it's a matter of seconds before you see that everything in the book pointed out to that conclusion and you were blind to it for the entire time.

as of now, this is my favorite agatha christie book, as it doesn't just play out an act, but rather focuses on the mental qualities of a criminal and the anguish and psychological torture a man can endure before he breaks down.

definitely a book worth reading!