Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent - Veronica Roth I indeed liked this one more than the first installment in the series.

I can't put my finger on an exact reason for which this is better, but I guess it has something to do with the fact that Beatrice seems to grow up a little and act more mature. Between the first and second book two hours passed, so she couldn't have matured too much, but experience makes the difference.

Secrets, secrets, secrets, every one lies, every faction has it flaws, blood, war, some more blood. This is how this book goes.

And, in between, Tris and Four try to find each other's sexual organs. Do they succeed? Oh no. They seem to not know where they are or maybe this is just some kind of very long foreplay.. Tris is a real player, what can I say. She's torturing him to the point of it being laughable: i'm fucking you, i'm fucking you, i'm fu... whoops. nope. false alarm. well, at least i gave you a healthy boner!.

In keeping with the first installment, I still don't like Beatrice. She seems so dumb and her recklessness is short of imbecility. I mean, really now, if you keep sacrificing yourself, what good are going to achieve? And of course Tobias will come after you, let's be serious, that's what this book is all about, your childish attempts at saving and fucking one another!

Meh.. Let's see what the third book is all about and finish with the series.