Carrie - Stephen King yep. I finally did it.

I read Stephen King's first ever published novel.

a round of applause, please, for this work.

everyone knows the story here. Carrie White is a telekinetic girl, she triggers her powers at her first period, when she was seventeen, and proceeds to create chaos in the world, following her being bullied by every known kid in her school and every person in town. after she's done with the town, 400+ people are dead, including herself.. ironically, even though she was telekinetic, she wasn't immune to knifes.

the story is an American classic, with three movies made after it, a TV series that never aired and having received international fame, it's one of Stephen King's biggest sellers.

it's not his best. and, let's be frank, how could it have been? it was his fourth novel (even if it was the first to go to press), and he said he wrote it in under 2 weeks. i can see that, it's a brochure, but it amazes me how he worked on this for such a short span of time, but still made it good and readable and full of suspense and pretty much a good work for a first publishing.

oh man.. Carrie deserves praise, but i'm glad I didn't start my Stephen King binge with this one. I'm not sure I would've gotten so obsessed with his works and his writing style if this had been the one I picked.