The Slap

The Slap - Christos Tsiolkas i hate women. let me correct that: i hate stupid women. and i also don't enjoy books about how incredibly stupid women can actually be.

this book should've apparently been centered around a slap that Harry gave to Hugo, a kid, after he was bad with other kids. supposedly, that slap somehow reverberated into all the people's who saw it lives and changed them.

bullshit. caps lock, underlined, bordered bullshit. this book has nothing to do really with the slap, it's merely a pretext for Tsiolkas to write some awful characters for his book.

i won't even go into how much i hated the blatant, empty 60% of the characters. but i do have something to say about the one i hated the most, Rosie. god, how stupid that woman is! now, i know it's just a fictional person and doesn't exist for real, but boy-o-boy don't i see her every day in the faces of the girls around me! she is the epitome of female stupidity, and i feel really bad in saying that this particular type of idiocy is only applicable to women. men aren't capable of it because either they are blatantly empty-minded and you can't ask more of them than the basic human functions, or they are intelligent and understand how relationships work, and strive to correct or repress their inner, typical animal.

but women... Rosie's type are incapable of rational thinking and i find that ugly and horrid for someone who has been fabricated with a womb and will most naturally carry a child. when something like that gets to raise a new being, it mostly ends up like Hugo, her son, a little 4 year old mini bastard with the attitude of a 50 years old rich white politician, who is used to get everything he wants and how he wants, because no one ever bothered to put a leash on him. yeah, you heard me. i think kids should be restrained, they shouldn't get everything they want, but everything they need, and they shouldn't be allowed to act however they feel like because this is not how civilized people work.

you'll notice that i don't really blame Gary, Hugo's father, for how the prick grew up, because raising children is mostly female work, imo. and i'm not at all being a feminist, i'm actually the opposite of that, but i think women should take more responsibility than men in this task. of course, having a retard for a father doesn't help, but you could make do if your mother was a rational woman. also applicable in the other way, if the father is the head in raising the kid, and the mother is at a total loss, the kid could also grow up just fine.

but with a selfish, stupid whore as your mother and an obviously blank-minded drunk as your father, you're doomed to end up like Hugo. and keep the tradition going...

i read a review somewhere that the author tried to make every single character a hatred point for the reader. yes. i think so too. but he didn't succeed. most of them were just pathetic human beings, and the ones you despised you did because they reminded you of such people and how you have to deal with them on a daily basis.

glad i finished this one, now i can give it back at the library and pretend like i never even picked it up...