Sophie's World

Sophie's World - Jostein Gaarder The one who translated this book in Romanian did a shit job from beginning to end.

I am currently in my sad mood, the one I have every time I finish a book that actually offered me something valuable.

This philosophy anthology is really well put together. It's simple, and clean cut, it touches the major concepts in human thought across the ages. The explanations for the more thought provoking ones are easy to follow and understand. All in all, on the science part of the book, all is well.

Now. On regard of the "storyline"... Shit job, once again. It all seems so unreal, so fake, and not in the dystopian/utopian way, but in the hell-no-this-can't-be-happening way. I feel it just clustered the book with too much nonsensr that it didn't need and spoiled an otherwise beautiful idea!

4 stars, for all the good value information I got from this.