Everything's Eventual

Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales - Stephen King I have seriously come to wish for a book of King's that I don't like. Really now, my obsession reaches higher measures with every freaking page.

Short stories - aren't they delightful? Little "kisses in the dark from a stranger", as Stephen calls them. They are the binding of the literary world; they were here first and the world will probably end in a short story. Just sayin'.

I confess, I did a bit of cheating. Because I am a big fan of The Dark Tower series, I had read The Little Sisters of Eluria before I got my hands on Everything's Eventual, so I read the whole book minus that one.

My favorites were Everything's Eventual, 1408 and Riding the Bullet. All horror, all human, all nasty. Beautiful writing.

This is one of the times when even though I hate to get scared, I'm in truth a junkie for it, and will think about the shadows long after the sun rises. I'm faulted that way.