Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower)

Wolves of the Calla  - Stephen King It's hard, ok? It's horrible.

It's debilitating to like an author so much that you absolutely HAVE to read every single thing they've ever written.

And it's even worse when you genuinely like their writing, because then you're caught in this never ending circle of torture, the slow kind, where you don't want to finish the book, but you actually want to, and even you don't know what you want to do with your life anymore.

Stephen King, one thing I can surely say about you: you made me dream. That it is in fact possible to write. That it's normal to have so much to say that you don't know how to put it more clearly on paper.

But this... this, you bastard, you damned good writer, this is just too much!!

I hate it when a book makes me want to squeek and jump around and cry and laugh at the same time.

Wolves of the Calla is the 5th installment in The Dark Tower series, a seven + 1 series of books with a bit of a weird theme.

Stephen King started writing this when he was 19. I'm almost 19 and still haven't learned how to wipe my ass properly, so to say. (metaphor here, guys. don't take it literally).

The simplest explanation of it is this: a man and his friends search for a thing.

Can I elaborate now, please?

Roland Deschain, the last real Gunslinger of Gilead, is obsessed with the Dark Tower, the point of no return, the place where all of the Universe connects and separates at the same time. In a place where there are an infinite number of worlds, and their common denominator is the Tower, Roland struggles to reach it. He is older than you can imagine, for he traveled between so many wheres and so many whens that he himself vaguely remembers who he is. But he knows this: it's a mission, that which he has. It's a damned mission and he must accomplish the task given to him for he is the last of his breed and the first of his breed at the same time.

In his quest, he opened up doors to other wheres and whens, and acquired three friends. Four, if you count the animal.

These are Eddie Dean, Sussanah Holmes and Jake Chambers. The animal? Oy, the billybumbler.

Each of these three is gifted in some way and they were also chosen to walk the road of faith towards the Dark Tower. They took Roland as their "dinh" (leader, advisor), and became gunslingers themselves, following the line of Arthur Eld, but without his blood in their veins. They stoutly walk the road of ka (faith, destiny), and they call themselves a ka-tet (group of chosen).

Complicated yet? And believe me I haven't even touched the surface of how complex this series is. All the terms and connections and ideas that King brew over for 30 years came to life in this 5th installment, I promise you.

In this one, the ka-tet arrives at Calla Bryn Sturgis, a small town at the end of In-World, where the Wolves come ever 24 years and take one out of each pair of twins (of which they have many), returning them over some time... braindead. Or, as King calls them, roont. They start growing from normal child sized kids to giants of two, three meters. In the night, you can hear their bones growing, forming new tissue, crackling sounds that speak of black, evil magic. And their screams. Their pain, their agony as they turn from human to mutant. And you can do nothing but sit and watch and wait for the howls to stop. Because when they stop... they'll be handicapped. Unable to speak properly, unable to move normally, unable to mate, unable to think. Roont they are. And their lives are short.. Almost until they are 30, and then they die in the same agony they were transformed in.

But the ka-tet comes to town. Their ka is to save the twins that are now about to be taken, and they're determined to kill every last Wolf they get their hands on.

But will it be that easy? And will they not go through problems of their own during this? Eddie becomes weak, Sussanah feels something growing in her belly and Jake is just 12 years old in body but thousands in mind..

And Roland? Can he not be affected by all the years that passed and all the injuries he suffered? His past is finally catching up on him..

And during all this, the Crimson King is watching. Silently, he lets his plans unfold. And he pins on the map of pain the places where he wants Roland and his tet to die.