Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor HOLY SHIT. HOLY CRAP. HOLY MOSES.

What you read before was my exact reaction to the last page. Well, to be fair, to the last 50 pages, because I kind of guessed how this was going to end.

Laini Taylor, just one this question: why? Why are you cruel? Why do you feel the need to do this to us? It's like flauting a bottle of Evian under Mose's nose after the damned 40 years he spent in the desert, running in circles. It's like presenting candy to a 5 year old with sugar deficiency. It's like letting a cleptomaniac break into a store only to find out it was empty.

It's like writing an amazing story and, making it a series and leaving your readers wait, after handing the most fucked-up ending ever to the second installment. Yeah. Sounds fammiliar?

The first part, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I found interesting in the beginning and the I felt it got worse and worse and progressively worse. Of course I liked it, otherwise I wouldn't have finished it or given it a good rating. I just thought it could've been better.

Now, I know why Taylor didn't make the first one an ode to awesomeness. Because the second one was already meant to kill everything else.

What I like about this story so far:
1 The main character, most of the times.
2 The love story.
3 The idea of the world itself.

What I didn't like about this story, so far:
1 The fact that it's YA. God, I hate YA. I don't know why even the tought of it makes my skin tickle. Seriously, I'm not a hater or anything, but every book is, at the basis, the same. Nothing REALLY changes. Details, all are details.

2 Clichee alert! Clichee alert! Yes, there are lots of them. Surprisignly, the love story didn't have so many of them. Which was the best gift this book has given to me.

In the end, I'm still impatiently waiting for the next book. Come on, Laini Taylor! Write it, for God's sake! It's torture, slow torture, it's pain and I don't want to stand it until 2014!