Intensity - Dean Koontz I think I've read too many books abut psychos and I've read about too many gruesome things to be impressed anymore. Or maybe this Dean Koontz book just wasn't for me.

First of all, this I got in a haste from the library, without really looking at the description of the story or anything else, so I expected a different thing than what I got. My bad. I wasn't disappointed, though, in the first.. 70, 80 pages. It actually got better and better and I had the impression that I'm really going to love it. Until it started to get a bit boring and a tad stupid and unrealistic.

Sure, it's meant to be unrealistic, you might say. Of course a 25 year old girl wouldn't normally stalk the insane, tall, powerfully-built murderer he just saw butchered her best friend's family and raped the one, after which he killed her too. Yes, I'd say you were right. But as an author, you could pull it out so that it might seem real. I've seen Stephen King do it. I've seen Peter Straub do it. Unfortunately, Koontz failed at it.

Still, a nice pacing this book has, some actually awesome scenes and you can feel the author knows what he's doing and what he's writing about, because there are no mistakes in timing, etc, etc. The main character is well portrayed, though with some obvious almost impossible additions for a normal human, but hey, it's a book, it's not reality!

All in all, good read for it's genre and a tasty enough book for everyone!