High Fidelity

High Fidelity - Nick Hornby I loved this book. I LOVED it. Again, one of those rare reads that just make you feel so much better about everything around you. And not because the characters were shitty and their life story was worse than yours, but because the characters and the overall plot was so well put together and so well written that all you could do was relax, leave criticism at the door and enter the book's amazing palace!

One way or another, Hornby manages to reveal information after information with ease and introduce such a nice dose of humor into the story! The jokes and the funny/stupid/cocky lines were so nice that I felt the book was actually somewhat like a Gatorade drink - it gave me energy and made me feel happy!

Though not much goes on in the book, I really took to the main character and his friends. I had a bit of a crush on his obsession with music - I think that's cute.

His love story was.. not the most inspired one, but enough for me to understand it and it probably was fun for Hornby to narrate.

All in all, cute, fun, lovely and a definite "spring" read, for sure!