Sweet Persuasion

Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks Oh my God. So bad. Sooo bad. This was so bad. *blinks confused*

I actually don't know why I borrowed it. One of my best friends had it on his shelves when I went at his place, and I just thought: "hey, why not, erotica cannot get worse than Fifty Shades of Shit, you go for it!"

Apparently, a girl can be wrong from time to time.

I'm seriously ashamed of the fact that I read this. And I'm even more baffled of the fact that I thought Grey's obsession with food and possession was better than Damon's silly secret desire to have a slave, a woman he could protect and love and what-not. I though Ana and her impossibly annoying inner goddess were manageable, compared to how much Serena annoyed me when she went on with her jokes and her "why do I like this pain? someone please send me to the shrink! but wait until I finish this act, then you can send me".

It's so awful that even a child could write better erotica than this, without ever have encountered a penis, a scrotum or a clitoris in his life.

The writing is awful. Boring, boring and, how can I put it?... boring. I guess after Grey you cannot be surprised anymore of how badly a person can write and still be published. And that's not even the most confusing thing about this. What is is that this trash actually sold. I mean, we all know humanity is obsessed with sex and secretly, deep within us, we are all perverts, just waiting for the right combination between dim lighting and vodka to get out and make a mess of things, rampaging through the bedroom, but still. Still.

That's low. Even for humans.

And the sex? ..... No. No. I'd better not go there. I might never stop verbally abusing this work. Never.