The Sea, The Sea (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)

The Sea, the Sea - Iris Murdoch, Mary Kinzie Some time ago, in class, one of my two English teachers was talking. I don't usually pay attention to my English teachers - especially because they have nothing interesting to say. So, as per usual, my eyes were on a book, one of my ears was on my colleagues and the other one was spying on the teacher, to see if she calls for me to answer. I have no idea how she got there, but what I did get was that : ... "I read a horribly boring book, called "The Sea", or something like that, by someone, I don't remember, but the main character was so horrible and obsessed!" Obviously, my head went up and some smoke might have escaped my nostrils. Fire was probably boling somewhere in my belly. I need to check on that. I commented. "What? I'm reading it now, his obsession is the jewel of his personality!"

The look I got was probably motly used on asylum pacients in the nujob wing. Needless to say I let it go. I'm not risking.

Yes, the main character's, the narator's obsession is an annoying, stupid, unbelievably abnoxious, did I say annoying?, yes I did, horrible horrible thing to read, but it's why everything happens! It's why he is the way he is, it's why the plot goes on. Ugh.

The characters come and go based on that, they are satellites to his love story, they are just puppets to be handled when he isn't fighting his only love. And the way he tortures that love? He's a masochist, people, duh!That's what they do, they hurt themselves and then they hurts others in orther to hurt themselves some more. Pff. Logics!

A beautiful book, hardly written for the masses. It's complicated, the writing is complex, it's filled with description passages, it's just not your bus book, if you know what I mean. This requires attention and a clear mind.

The only bad part? I can't tell it. But for the spoiler.. The ending, bleah. Takes two stars out of the rating.

Read it, come on, come on! It's gooood.