Seize the Day (Penguin Classics)

Seize the Day - Cynthia Ozick, Saul  Bellow Though I wasn't sure what to think of it when I started it, by the end of the book I came to like it.

It's not easy to decide wether you like the main character or you hate it - at least for me it wasn't. I had to thoroughly think about his qualities and his deffects in order to see him in his complexity. After all that, I made my decision - I would not make a decision. I thought it best to remain impartial, and not pronounce on the matter.

I had many times heard that Saul Bellow was one of the biggest writers that America had given to the world, and I have to agree with that. He has a different pattern, an unique talent to portray people and places (but mainly people) by full description in few words.

All in all, a good read which I recommend to everyone!