Animal Farm: Centennial Edition

Animal Farm - George Orwell ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL.


This must be the highest point of honesty that we can reach. Because it doesn't just apply to animals, it applies to humans as well. Better, if you want my opinion.

This is, if you have much imagination, a really scary book. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that hypothetically this could happen. I'd shit my pant. I've lived my whole life thinking that even though in an animal there is a soul, there is not enough intelligence to resemble what I, as a human being, can do. What if one day I find out that that's not the case? Huh?! I'd probably run for the hills and start living in a cave.

What George Orwell has a lot of is humor. His jokes wouldn't be funny in meaningless contexts, but in Animal Farm, everything he did had a purpose - that of showing us how not so different we are from them. For that, he used satire and a lot of figures of speech, and he managed to create a world we could believe in.

It's still scary, though.