Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James I got bored with all the sex. It's everywhere.

Sex in the elevator, sex in bed, sex on the floor, sex on the piano, sex standing upright, sex on her side, sex on his side, sex in the kitchen, sex in the office, again sex in bed, again some mild kinky-fuckery in the elevator, once again on the floor...

*stiffles yawn*

Oh yes. Charming. Oh. Innovative. So original. For sure.

But then, come the ending, shit got real, pardon my expression.

And then, come the last page, I was baffled to find something I didn't want to find. I wanted to see the next thing.

Why did I read the second book too, and probably am gonna read the third one also?

Call it curiosity, and as it killed the cat, it might also kill me.