The Family

The Family - Mario Puzo, Carol Gino Now I want to read the second part, but there is no second part. Bummer.

It gives you this feeling of a series, you know what I mean? That feeling that there is more behind that character, and that there are more plots and more betrayals and more of everything in this field, and that it could go on forever and ever in telling you how corrupt and how mean could the Borgia Family be.. but it ends at 400something pages. Bummer!!!!!

It's really well written, and what I like the most about it were how nicely the characters were drawn. I usually have a hard time distinguishing between characters with Italian names (I dunno why), but in this book every character was so well described and flawlessly portrayed that I had no problems whatsoever in seeing the differeces between them.

I'm now waiting to get my hands on The Godfather. Soon.