Pygmy - Chuck Palahniuk This is the first time I have met an author able to do such different things with his stories. It's pure talent and raw passion that Palahniuk has, to mix so many things in his books and present them under such weird forms, and still be able to make himself understood.

What I probably love most about his books i the mockery. He laughs in the face of every government, he takes America off the pedestal and wipes the floor with her, making a filth out of every so called "value" that is has. Palahniuk is not afraid to test the waters of sadism, of sexism, of racism, and he shows with every story that there is still more to say!

He is also very explicit - and very correct in being so, I think! It suits him perfectly.

About Pygmy .. It is a book not many would read with the attention it asks for. I myself wasn't able to fully concentrate, because of the language used, the "Engrish", which is a mix of the normal English and... something else. Not quite sure what. Anyhow, it takes time until you're familiar with it. But when you are it's really nice!

I liked this book. Finally, after reading three of his books, I'll be able to start Fight Club . Now that I know his style.

Though, with Palahniuk, you never really know what comes your way..