Prep: A Novel

Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld NOTE : see this review and more on

i chose the "girls kick ass" shelve for this one because the female character in this book is just amazing! not that she kicks ass (in the physical way of kicking it), but she is well drawn and i got to like her more and more along the way.

i think it's a must for everyone to read at least a couple of books that were written in this genre, and Curtis Sittenfeld is a very good writer of this category. her style is quite unique, i don't think i ever read something that would resemble her too much. she has this fine line that she draws around her characters (i can say this because i've also read the American Wife) and she presents them in a very special light. she knows what is good and what not, and she can make the reader relate to the character by putting them in the exact same positions that a human being would find himself into : the moments of shame, of happiness, of love, of being lost, etc.

i think this was a debut book of great potential!

do read it!