The Godfather

The Godfather - Peter Bart, Robert Thompson, Mario Puzo I am watching the movie now. Right now.

This book is impossible! I don't even like the whole Mafia subject, the tricks they perform, the way they act and they kill and the way they generally are.. But I couldn't stop reading this book!

Mario Puzo is a great writer, and this is a story worth telling, for sure! What is amazing is that I know that the Colerone family is fictional, but I cannot stop thinking "this could be true, this could be true, shut up, stop it, but this could be true, this could be true!!!".

This book is full of really, really good characters. Amazing characters. Perfectly described, a carefully chosen balance between physical and psychological description, and the indirect description that comes from the way they act. The way he presents Italian families and being Sicilian is also really nice.

A very good read, I would recommend this to everyone!