The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - John Boyne I think I have developed some kind of armor against all stories that come from the Nazi period. I should feel more things right now. Like the first time I read a book about Auschwitz, or Dachau, or any other german or polish camp. The gas chambers, the tortures, Mengele, the pain, the millions of deaths. I should be more impressed.

Except I'm not. I have dived too deep into these kinds of stories about humans to be horrified anymore.

Now I just keep being amazed. I try to fuel this fire and never lose passion for knowing how far can humans stray from the right path... because the moment I stop having any kind of reaction to it is the moment when something went wrong.

This one right here, I heard a lot about. From various people of various tastes, so I thought it has to be something good. It was - good, that is. But that was it. I have taken more information or if you want to say thrill from Night by Ellie Weasel.

This just seemed a bit dull. And I know I shouldn't be calling something so serious boring, but I can't lie, it was a bit simple.
A read for everyone, I think, because we need never forget what happened back then, but I would much rather recommend Anne Frank's diary or the aforementioned Night by E. Weasel, if you want to read some fiction-but-not-so-fictional works about that period.

If not, just stick to the history books. Those will do more justice.

Though I've come to believe we either don't even know the half of what has gone on there and then, or we know nothing about it at all.