Arthur & George

Arthur & George - Julian Barnes This was one good book and it has officially made me a fan of mr Julian Barnes. I had read "Cafe au lait" before this, and it didn't impress me that much, but "Arthur & George" is a completely different story.

For a start, it's clear that an impressive amount of work has been put in order to write this book. It's not so much fiction as it is non-fiction and I think Barnes did a wonderful job in making the reader (moi, moi, moi) think that this is story, a telling, more than it is a truth! The detail work is unbelievable, all the details, all the locatios, the characters all described up to their last .. characteristics!! That I find amazing.

All in all, this was gooood. I shall surely procure myself some other books of his.
Or all of them, in that case.