Spook's Sacrifice

The Spook's Sacrifice - Joseph Delaney NOTE : see this review and more on http://cocainepages.wordpress.com

These books are unbelievably addictive! I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to stop a while from reading all types of disparate books and focus on this series, which has been, contrary to my belief, really nice to dig in to.

I have given every book in this series 4 stars, because I've always been in love with stories about witches and wizzards and bad people wanting to control our world, and this speaks of exactly that!

However, there are bad parts to this book. There are a lot of clichees in it, and the main character gets all fuzzy after a while. It really doesn't concentrate on the developing of the characters as much as it does on the story. It tells you about their past, but only about the main events, and you have to extract their traits from that, which in a fantasy book I find a bit stupid.

Anyways, great books. Read them!