Unwind - Neal Shusterman I loved this book! I loved it!

This is such a new subject and such a new idea and it has been so well written about! I couldn't care less this is a YA novel, I didn't give a single s*** that it's dystopian (a genre I don't usually read), and I'm so glad I read it!

So! Good parts : the story. The subject of the book, the things about "unwinding" - I read many books and none had this in them. The characters are really good - Connor, Risa, Lev and Roland - these are the four main characters of this first book, Connor and Rise being the good ones, Lev being the i-don't-know-which-side-i'm-on-but-i-think-i'm-good and Roland being the bad one. OH MY GOD HIS ARM IN ON CONNOR NOW I LOVE THIS

Another good part - the romance (elementary, my dear Watson, there had to be some romance) ISN'T all gooey and yucky! They do get to kiss (not more though *sigh*), but here is nothing clichee about it, nothing to make you go : "oh not fucking agaaaaain!".

Of course there are bad parts. This is a YA novel. As I have said this on other reviews of mine on the YA subject, this is not a book that focuses on developing the characters. A thing which I don't like. BUT (there's a but), it's not that bad. They are well described, they have moral values that are exemplified, they are shown to the reader also through their thoughts, and they are basically just reader-friendly (if I may say so).

And now.. for the spoilers.

I love the fact that Lev didn't become a clapper. I love the fact that Risa and Connor both got injured in ways that are not stupid, but creative. I love that Connor has now Roland's arm (as I have said before), and that it has a shark tattoo on it just to constantly remind you of this. I love the ending of the book - it's so full of promises that I can't wait to read the next one. I also like the fact that this is a science fiction YA novel, not just some shitty story about werewolves and vampires and oh-i-love-rough-sex stories. This is well thought. This is well written. This is good.

I'll soon the read the next one, I'm so happy I have an ebook and can get it so fast! What technology does to a human begin!