The Poe Shadow

The Poe Shadow - Matthew Pearl I'm not really sure why I liked this book. Must be the subject! The writing didn't impress me at all, nothing was special, nothing I haven't seen before. Even so, it kept me going. The plot was a bit weird, twists and turns that I don't think were supposed to be there, but added just for the fun.. Can't say it ruined it, though.
Being a fan of mystery books and constantly trying to find something worth to read on the shelves that are in the library, I actually thought this was on the good side of the mystery books. I've read a few of them, and there are far worse things than "The Poe Shadow".
Of course, there are bad parts. For example, the main character.. sucks. In like, I can hardly think of any other characters right now that are as bad as this one. His description is almost inexistent, even though it's a book that was writen in first person, and he's neither gross or amazing, neither good or bad. He probably was meant to strike through his normality, but I didn't find it particularly enjoyable.
Plus, the solving of the mystery was as bad as they get. Horrible. Not a damn clue how to write an ending with emotion.