Hell's Angels (Penguin Essentials)

Hell's Angels - Hunter S. Thompson now, after i've finished it, the only thing i can think about is how nice it would be to have a run down Highway 101 with 20 or 30 Angels on their roaring motorcycles, feeling the crisp night air making my eyes water, the moon somewhere over us, spying on the beasts we are through it's only eye, never blinking, never judging.. how I would feel with one of those monstrous animals between my legs while doing seventy, seventy-five, then eighty, then a hundred, moving noisily through life and doing only what i want to.. my brain pumped up on red devils, still tasting beer and wine on my tongue, the blood running through my veins turning into fire.. yeah, i'd like to know what their life tastes like.. happiness? freedom?

of course i'm scared of them, i wouldn't want to cross paths with them when they're mad or angry, and i wouldn't want to upset any one. but i sure am curious about how they live. the worst parts of their life, no, i don't want to know, but the freedom, the carelessness, the i-don't-give-a-shit parts.. that's one thing out of the ordinary.

really nice non-fictional work!