The Other Woman

The Other Woman - Jane Green It's weird how some books start well and end in a rubbish way.
I mean, this book was so promising! I really liked the female character, I really liked her conflict with her mother in law, and then, BOOM, all ends in a happy, cheerful, sickening way.
Daaaamn! Why did it have to be all cute and family? I'd have appreaciated it more if the conflict had ended in a different way, in a more powerful way, as the action had all the time promised.

Anyhow, the writing was a bit simple, but in a way effective. You felt like everything was sincere, not made to look good for the pages of a book. A bit floppy at times, got to a point where I was able to foresee what was going to happen, but, as I said, got right back to it with that end, in a way that I wouldn't have liked it.

Three stars, it is, for "The Other Woman". One for simple writing, one for good principal female character and one.. well, who doesn't hate mother-in-laws?