Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins I read the whole series in about 15 hours, if they are to be cummulated. This has happened rarely.. in like, extremely rare, almost never. And still this author managed to keep my interest alive the whole series, page after page.

I have to admit, though, after reading the first book and a half, I could already predict the things that were going to happen. Collins has a flamboyant style in the beggining, you could never expect something beacuse something else was going to happen instead. But after a while, you see the signs - she accelerates the rythm, she changes the language, she creates emotional patterns in which the characters undoubtedly fall. Even so, she has such a developed sense of rythm that I couldn't believe it - she doesn't slow her pace for nothing, something is constantly happening. I can't say it bothered me.

I also liked the fact that the language isn't complicated, the way Katniss, as a character, seems to be playing everything in her head, giving the impression she's talking so herself, but in a different state. It's very hard to write a novel in the first person, but Collins managed that really, really well.

What I didn't like, and I think most people will NOT agree with me on this, is the fact that there just HAD TO BE a conflict in love, between Gale and Peeta. There just had to be this part of the book, the one in which Katniss was somehow always faced up with a decision. Of course, of course. No young adult book should be left without a romantic problem. Of course I got caught in it, I won't deny it, but every second of it seemed to me a bit clishe. Collins managed to still pull that out, with the way she presented things and with not puting TOO much emphasise on it. I swear that if it had nauseating love and creepy romantic shit I'd have given up on it looong way back.
Looong way back meaning after two hours of those loooong 15 hours.
You know, in those ancient times.

All in all, I have to admit this is a very good series. Captivating, stylized, it takes you and kills your every hope of sleep, food, friends or foes. Is this some plan of killing us all with well-writen novels?

It's working..