Duma Key: A Novel

Duma Key - Stephen King Aaaaaaaand Stephen King manages to do it right one more time! Not like he's been doing it for the last 30 years an more, no, no.
Though it's a bit different from his other books and it has, at some points, some clichee in it, it's still really good! Of course, after years of reading his books and watching the movies that were made after them, everything in SK's style becomes somehow.. fammiliar. Like home.
Duma Key gave me the feeling that it's one of his new books even from the first two pages. It's Stephen, I can see that, but it is different.. not in a bad way, no! It's just that he changed and his writing does not compare now to what IT or THE STAND are.
Even so.. Lights on, no looking in the mirror.. and fearing the sea, that's what Duma taught me.

Note to self : never EVER buy a pink house near the sea that seemes to be spooky and never ever have as neighbours an old lady and a HAUNTED property. Just... remember that.