The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, Book 2)

The Drawing of the Three - Stephen King I will never stop loving Stephen King! This second volume of the "Dark Tower" series was amazing!

In this volume, it is presented how Roland wakes up on a beach and is attacked by some mysterious creatures that come out of the sea at dawn. After escaping, he starts walking down the beach, finding the first door. When he enters it, he finds himself inside the head of a man who is addicted to heroin. That how "The Drawing of the Three" starts. From now on, Roland has to learn things about this world : what is the demon called HEROIN?, what is a "car"?

He basically understands that he has to choose three people, as he has three doors to find and open on the beach. He finds the first, he enters the second door, on which is written "Lady of Shadows" and he finally gets to the third door, after very much pain and suffering for both him and his companions. The last door opens, the one on which is said "The Pusher" and he realizes that if he doesn't come back, everything that he fought for will be gone, and he will never reach the Dark Tower. So he decides to sacrifice something for it - and he does. Meanwhile, on the beach, his friend who he found inside the first door is helplessly tied too near to the water.. With the price of the sacrifice, he comes back. But the creatures that lurk out of the water are merciless.. will he be able to save his friend? Or will he lose everything?