Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle, Book 4)

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini i loved every second of it! i just finished the book and i'm a tad sad, but i'll be fine tomorrow. actually, today, beacuse it's 3 am..

it's just so painful that he had to go.. the fact that after he had given away everything he had, he still had to give more. he had to sacrifice his life, his everything, to a cause that gave nothing back to him, even more forced him to go away and "never return", as Angela had predicted for him.

page after page, Paolini managed to do this the best book of his series. took him some time, let's be frank, i could've written three books in this time (gah, yeah sure), but he emerged with this beautiful, beautiful ending for an amazing story.

i have always loved the characters in Eragon, but in this book i just felt closest to them.

Roran achieved so much, i'm so proud of him, even though he's not mine to be proud of! the scene where he kills the enemy general, Barst, is a very dramatic scene and it presents him on the opposite part of Eragon. compared to him, Roran uses his body, not magic, not tricks, just his body, and pushes himself over the limit.

Arya came to be who she was meant to be from the start, and her evolution was really well presented! i hate the fact that eragon and her can't be together, it's sad. why not? why?! they could have had little children with pointy ears and superhuman abilities just flying around their newly decorated tree house. but nooo.

i really don't like nasuada. i'm not exactly sure why, but i have to spoil something to explain so.. i'm sorry but i just can't feel sorry for her, she's suffered i think on her merits. she's too bossy, too bitchy, too "you-have-to-do-it-my-way", and i just can't stand that! and after she got her throne, she started bossing eragon around, like he was some kind of hunting dog she could just put on the tracks of everyone and let him do all the dirty work that was left to be done! and then she only though abut herself and when he said no to her proposal, in the end, she was stupefied that he even dared to conceive the answer "no" to one of her commands! she was so selfish! eragon had to go, in order to give the new dragons a correct training after they hatched, and all she could think of was her stupid magical group, and she even dared to say to him "and i now have to expect you to take orders from someone else than me?" what? are you nuts?!

murtagh. oooh, murtagh. the man every princess dreams of, how you have suffered in the hands of that evil, evil man, Galbatorix! SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER i'm so glad you saved them. ohmygod. and he had to go also. yes. as eragon exiled himself to another part of the world, so did murtagh. he went away to not meet anyone for the rest of his life, living with Thorn in the wild forrests and empty fields. after he managed to stop Galbatorix and gave Eragon a chance to defeat him, he just left!

and the DRAGONS! if they only existed! too see them in their entire greatness, proudly flying above our humble heads, blue, red, green, white, old, young, filled with wisdom, some with rage, spitting the fire that would burn and burry us.. i wish i wasn't born here. (in a way)

ok so i just spoiled everything (hell yes). i loved this book and i think it's one of the great fantasy stories that i have read! the author, as he got older, developed so much more skill and talent for this and the story just unfolded from itself.. beautiful!

I know my review isn't logical. I wrote it in a moment of powerful emotions, about five minutes after I had finished the book. Sorry.

I'm so sad it ended. I'm gonna go hug the book.