Red (The Circle Trilogy, Book 2) (The Books of History Chronicles)

Red: The Heroic Rescue - Ted Dekker It got so exciting I actually read 490 pages of my edition in one day.
I really didn't expect a series likes this to get better or even continue to be as it was, beacuse these kinds of stories usually go progresivelly worse.
But, what a surprise I had!
The story itself didn't get exactly a lot better : it still has clichees, it stil has stupid moments and missed parts of the story, and it surely lacks the soul needed to bring this story to the league of the best. But it feels like the author got more familiar with its own story. Like he started to know his characters better, like he started actually feeling what was happening in this story. Which is really good, beacuse the second part of the series got more interesting. The plot got better and the characters developed more easily.
Now I can't wait to read the next one, so I can see if it was worthed!