Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne - Stephen King Is there anymore needed to say than it's written by Stephen King? I don't think so.. :))

Dolores Claiborne, a woman of 66 comes into the police station and says she was not responcible for the death of Vera, her boss, for which she was a maid for almost 40 years. She says, though, that she is responsible for the death of her husband, Joe, a heavy drinker, a gambler, a liar and a thief. And she starts to tell the story of her life.

The book has no chapters, no separations, it's written from one end to the other, beacuse Dolores tells a continous story, talking from the past and interrupting with the present. It has much more meaning like this.

I think the story is amazing and it's one of the best books by King. Even though I love all this books.