Four Past Midnight

Four Past Midnight - Stephen King Will i ever sleep again the way I used to? I seriously doubt it.

This book is consisted of 4 stories, all different and completely inovative. The one that impressed me the most was the first one : "The Langoliers". This is about a group of people riding on a plane in which they encouter some type of weird portal through space and time that takes them into a world were.. THEY, the langoliers, are waiting for them. And they need flesh, and blood, they are cruel and .. mindless. I think this was a really different story, it had a really good twist in it, a good type of horror / thriller.

The one that scared me the most was "Secret Window", beacuse it seemed to be a possible thing. This one is about an author who one day finds at his door a man that says he stole his work. And he is to do anything to make him pay for that, if he doesn't do what he is asked. I really think this could happen in real life, and that's why I find it so.. creepy.

The third one, and the one that I found the most disgusting. Called "The Library Policeman", it kind of creeped the shhh out of me. There is no way that I'm EVER going to be late with my deadline at the library. No, no, no way, sir!

And, at last, the fourth one, "The Polaroid Dog", was the one I found most supernatural. It's about this boy, a teenager, that gets a Polaroid camera for his 15th birthday. He's so happy that he starts taking pictres with it.. but there's something weird. There's no mother or father or little sister in the picture, not even his birthday cake. All he sees is a dog. A big, black, ferocious dog that slowly and terrifingly approaches the camera. What if he can see him? What if.. ??

And that's about it. I think the stories are really good, I kind of like the way King bound them all together in something called "Four Past Midnight", it's really cool.