Ring (Ring Series, Book 1)

Ring - Koji Suzuki, Glynne Walley From time to time, you do get your hands on a horror that is not quite a horror, but more like a thriller. Fammiliar, "Ring"?

I'm sure many of us have seen the movies for this book. I've seen them. I was twelve. I haven't got over it. It basically changed my imagery on monsters. Before the movie, I though monsters may have been blue, or black, or dwarfy, maybe some of them really tall, some with horns or wings of big big teeth.. Yeah. After the movie, all monsters seemed to resemble that ... thing... that lurked in the well.

Writing about this brings back some bad images about that. And I'm alone in my house. And it's ten in the night. Holy shit.

Ok, so back to the story. You're fammiliar with that too - you see the tape, you die in seven days. Unless you find the key to not dying. The key was, in my opinion, the smartest idea of the whole book. You don't die if you show it to others? Yeah, that's awesome. Imagine it spreading, because the next one would have to give it to another and so on. It's very clever, this thing.

You are treated to some deaths, a couple of tearful ideas, some magic and telekinesis and in the end, people with two sexes. Yes. You read correctly. People that have two sets of genitals. It blends right in with the whole watch-the-video-die-in-seven-days idea perfectly! Don't you think?

The ending is DISSAPOINTING. For a book like this, it could have been better. Really. Suzuki, you could have made this better. I imagine you chose not to because you have something awesome for us in the next book, right?

Well, let's see...