The Philosopher's Pupil

The Philosopher's Pupil - Iris Murdoch I knew Iris Murdoch was a writed with phenomenal power in explaining and expressing human typology.

I had, though, no idea her books could be so powerful.

"The Philosopher's Pupil" surprised me in many ways, but the best thing about it were by far the characters.

Usually, my rating for a book is by how good the action/plot was. In this book, I had to change my ways. Loved loved loved the characters. I especially enjoyed Tom, George and Diane, even though they were not the only ones to be presetend as important characters. Of course, I thought all of them were really well constructed, even Ruby, who at first I thought was plain boring. I liked some of the comparisons that took place in the book, as well as some part of the drama of the big and all-mighty philosopher, John Robert Rozanov, but I thought his actions were a bit fake and his thinking a bit plain.

No worries, though, I had a very fine time reading this book.