A Word Child

A Word Child - Iris Murdoch As some of the critics say, Iris Murdoch has a very powerful way in writing. She's not afraid to make some afirmations about certain things in life. I really, really enjoyed the description in this book. Especially the descripton of people, it's so accurate, I couldn't believe it! The guilt, the envy, the internal problems of a man that's haunted by a past empty of happiness, these are not feelings easy to describe. But Murdoch made it - and she did it with grace and a lot of courage.

Hilary Burde is the perfect subject for a psychyatrist : he's guided in life by feelings of a simplicity that terrifies. His life is monotony in it's purest form. He's fallen into a routine he can't and won't escape. His sister is a victim of his own pathetic thoughts. Though he claims he wants her to be happy, he somewhat stands in front of that happiness. And troughout the book he manages to realize who he is, but not change it, though. He reaches a type of peace. A type of peace that comes from knowing that you lost time and effort on nothing.

A book I recomment, greatly written!