Second Child

Second Child - John Saul NOTE : see this review and more on

Oh well I wish I'd have been able to give it even three stars, but I can't. So this gets a well deserved "it was ok" status.

I remember that after I read a book of Saul's, for the first time, I was so excited! He seemed to be such a good author, and I really liked the way he presented things! But I think what I read then was a lucky shot, because up to now everything else I've read from him turned out to be not so good!

He still knows how to tell a story, and he still has "the flow". But that flow ain't nothing compared to the "Midas touch" some other horror authors have. He lacks.. interest. I can't put it another way. I just can't seem to get interested in his stories as much as I do in others!

If you are a fan of Saul's, I don't mean to offend you. I can understand why people would like him. But I believe he is just not for me.

"Second Child" is a hurtful story about a girl that is being mentally and physically abused by the people that should love her the most, and how because of that, a dark spirit takes over her body and mind messes her life up. Cute, but not exactly horror. I'd say not even thriller. If someone started reading it to me at night, I'd sleep like a bear in the middle of the winter.