The Chamber

The Chamber - John Grisham It was, as most of Grisham's books, absolutely fantastic! I am amazed how he manages to make his books so much about the legal stuff of a lawyer's life and still put so much soul in it that it turns into some mind boggling story! The rythm of the book is fast, constantly coming up with new things, the action is complex and sometimes even sick, and the ending is amazing!
Though it treats legal problems, as I said before, he manages to make his way up to the human mind and study it at close range. It's a story of a disturbed man (Sam) who has had a really messed up life, just to realize at the end that he is sorry for everything. His name is Sam and he is a Ku Klux Klan member, trying to eliminate black and jewish people. His nephew, Adam Hall, finds him in prison and tries to save him from the death penalty. He does everything he can to take his grandphater's life out of death's hands, and he sacrifices things and people on the way.
These two people are the important people in the book, but then others pop up and make the story even spicier : Adam's aunt, Lee, his father, Eddie (Sam's son) and other people that have no connection with his familly : Goodman, a lawyer, and others. These characters all come with different stories and personalities and make the story that much more interesting.

All in all, John Grisham managed with this book to put the reader into somewhat a dilemma : is it right to kill a person just beacuse it, at it's turn, killed?