Love's Executioner: & Other Tales of Psychotherapy (Perennial Classics)

Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy - Irvin D. Yalom It was a very interesting book, what can I say? The book is divided in 10 stories, each of a different type of man/woman with it's problems about life, about others and so on. Yalom makes a story of how he treated them and what he discovered about human minds and about humans in general from these sessions with those patients. Some of the stories are really sad, but others are of people with problems about their life, their soul mate, they have financial or sentimental problems, and they came to the therapist, waiting for him to shed some light in their darkened lifes. In some cases, Yalom manages just that : shedding some light, then letting them find the way to the brightest spot alone. But some stories don't have that much of a happy ending, beacuse some people are scarred for life.
Inspite of the stories, it is a very good book from the therapy point of view. If I would have problems, I'd want to be treated by Yalom!