On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King Can I just say I actually learned more from this book then from my three language teachers that guided me when I told them I want to write? It's not an amazing book, and at the end of it you'll be the same man with a wish to write.

The difference that it will make will be the viewpoint.

I myself wish to death to be a writer. It is my dream, and it's what I want to spend my life doing. Stephen King has taught me, along his many books, that talent is a thing you should have, but not in an amazing quantity, because the rest is completed by perseverance and work.

This book however made me understand what should I expect from this world that I want to enter in and how should I see my work to be done.

I liked this, and I think SK did a wonderful job in writing this, so that people like me could learn something from it.