Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl - B.M. Mooyaart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank One of my friends that had read this book before me told me I am going to cry so much I wouldn't believe it, at the end. I didn't cry, but I did feel emotional, and I did thought that this is a sad story to have happened to a human being.

Because it's a diary, you get all kinds of disparate feelings, thoughts, ideas, emotions, all kinds of good days, bad days, and you have to assimilate them all in order to beging to understand who Anne Frank was. We will probably never feel theway she felt, will probably never suffer the way she have - but we can read her story and see how brutally a young life was ended, the life of a smart young woman who had so much potential.

I do recommend this book warmly to anyone who has the time and the open mind to read a diary of a girl that had the chance to live a beautiful life taken away from her in a merciless way.