Big History: From the Big Bang to the Big Present

Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present - Cynthia Stokes Brown ok. five stars as in "this gave me a lot of information", not as in "omg the writing was just mind-blowing and the characters were so well written"... yeah, no.

but! i could eat books like these up! so many facts, from every possible domain: chemistry, phisics, medicine, philosophy, religion etc. i am a sucker for books that contain trivia because besides school, documentaries and works that happen to contain valid facts of history, i really have nothing to rely upon.

what I learned from this:

- what the word "hinduism" means
- what the word "barbaric" means
- i got reminded of Broca's area
- Corpus Callus, the same
- Godwana
- the different emergence of humans as a species in the world

- and many fucking more...