Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk Once again, Palahniuk serves us a story we cannot ignore.

How is it possible for someone to keep writing such good books? Even when I don't like what hes writing, I still like it. That's a lot, I figure, so much that this is what keeps Palahniuk in the top of the best writers of the new age.

This is a sick, sick story, without a doubt. The nameless and later faceless narrator is a woman that tells a story about how beauty is nothing but power and nothing but pain. That to be beautiful you need to endure so much that you just succumb to pain and want to end it, in the end.

Quote : If I can't be beautiful, I want to be invisible.

This is the opposite part of it, where if you are not beautiful, the next thing you wish is to not exist, for people to not see you. Because either if you are beautiful or ugly, people have something to say about it.

Read this book, please. It's disarmingly sickening and it still wakes up something in you.. Or at least in me it did. There's something bad about beauty in our society.. And only Palahniuk can tell you what that is.